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Tell-Tale Murder

Oct 1957

Ten Little Niggers

Mar 1967

Ten Lttle Niggers

Feb 1950

That Brute Simmonds

Oct 1907

That Brute Simmonds

Jan 1913

The Actress

Nov 2017.

The Adventures of a Love Letter

Dec 1909

The Anniversary

May 2002

The Autumn Garden

Dec 1968

The Baiting of Malvolio

May 1911

The Bastard Country

Nov 1977

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Mar 2010

The Bengal Tiger

May 1909

The Bishop's Candlesticks

May 1931

The Blue Goose

Feb 1949

The Bride and the Bachelor

Apr 1973

The Brixton Burglary

Apr 1921

The Brompton Crescent Mystery

Jan 1938

The Bugle Call

May 1912

The Business of Murder

May 1996

The Cemetery Club

May 1998

The Chalk Garden

Oct 1959

The Chalk Garden

Dec 1997

The Cheerful Knave

Oct 1913

The Chimney Corner

Jan 1905

The Clock on the Stairs

Dec 1901

The Corn is Green

Mar 1986

The Creaking Chair

Oct 1929

The Creaking Chair

Dec 1933

The Crucible

Apr 1994

The Cure for Love

May 1981

The Curious Savage

Mar 1957

The Curious Savage

Jan 1969

The Curious Savage

Jan 1992

The Day After The Fair

Sep 2013

The Deep Blue Sea

Mar 2014

The Devil a Saint

May 1933

The Devil at Midnight (World Premiere)

Oct 2001

The Dinner Party

Mar 2018

The Donovan Affair

May 1940

The Dresser

Dec 1984

The Dresser

Mar 2008

The Druids Rest

Mar 1982

The Earl's Experiment

May 1932

The Edwardians

Mar 1965

The Enquiry

Jan 1987

The Fiesta of the Maguey

May 1980

The Fortunes of Fan

Feb 1926

The Ghost Train

Apr 1986

The Happiest Days of Your Life

May 2013

The Happy Marriage

Mar 1959

The Harvest Home

Feb 1904

The Harvest Storm

Dec 1914

The Haunting of Hill House

May 1994

The House of Bernarda Alba

Mar 1989

The House of Jeffreys

Dec 1966

The House with the Twisted Windows

May 1936

The Imaginary Invalid

May 1995

The Importance of Being Earnest

Oct 2004

The Irish Waiter

Jan 1908

The Iron Voice

Dec 1989

The Irregular Verb to Love

Apr 1976

The Jacobite

Oct 1908

The Journey's End

Oct 1902

The Lamplighter

Jan 1905

The Lancers

Nov 1907

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Jan 1984

The Late Mrs Early

Dec 1990

The Lights are Warm and Coloured

Nov 1981

The Lilies of the Field

Apr 1952

The Lion in Winter

Mar 2007

The Little Foxes

Mar 1966

The Little Foxes

May 1997

The Loan of a Lover

Nov 1905

The Loan of a Lover

May 1923

The Long Echo

Apr 1967

The Long Sunset

Jan 1962

The Lottery Ticket

Jan 1899

The Lottery Ticket

May 1901

The Lottery Ticket

Jan 1920

The Man

Oct 1955

The Man with the Carpet Bag

Feb 1906

The Marquise

Apr 1959

The Matchmaker

Mar 1913

The Matchmaker

May 1923

The Memory of Water

Jan 2016.

The Militants  (World Premiere)

Dec 1973

The More the Merrier

Jan 1973

The Mummy

Jan 1899

The Murder Game

Oct 1979

The New Footman

Jan 1910

The New Footman

Nov 1919

The New Will

Dec 1964

The Noble Spaniard

May 1956

The Outcastes

Dec 1963

The Parole of Honour

Jan 1909

The Peacocks Must Go

Mar 1968

The Private Secretary

Jan 1925

The Quad Wrangle

May 1920

The Quaker and his Daughters

May 1910

The Railway Children

Nov 2008

The Restless Evil

Dec 1983

The Return of Peggy Atherton

Dec 1950

The Rivals

Oct 1925

The Rose Tattoo

Dec 1979

The Rotters

Jan 1937

The Rotters

Feb 1940

The Sea Flower

Apr 1922

The Seashell

Nov 1969

The Secret Tent

Nov 1956

The Secret Tent

May 1966

The Serious Family

Oct 1900

The Shifting Heart

Nov 1960

The Shifting Heart

Mar 1972

The Showman's Daughter

Oct 1922

The Sisterhood

Jan 1994

The Sleeping Princess

Jan 1993

The Small Hours

Oct 1997

The Snow Queen (World Premiere)

Nov 2004

The Sound of Murder

Oct 1964

The Spitalfields Weaver

May 1902

The Stick Man

Jan 1938

The Sun in Splendour

Dec 1994

The Tallyman

Jan 1913