List of Plays Produced A to D
84 Charing Cross Road Nov 1985 84 Charing Cross Road Oct 2006 A Bad Penny Dec 1900 A Bedful of Foreigners May 2014 A Boston Story Apr 1970 “A Comedy” Jan 1928 “A Delightful Comedy” Jan 1927 “A Farce” Jan 1935 A Horse! A Horse! Dec 1953 “A Humourous Sketch” Jan 1931 A Kiss in the Dark Nov 1905 A Majority of One Mar 1979 A Measure of Cruelty Mar 1971 A Midsummer Night's Dream Jun 2003 A Murder has been Arranged Apr 1972 “A One Act Play” May 1929 A Pair of Spectacles Jan 1923 “A Performance” May 1928 A Rough Diamond Jan 1900 A Sacred Flame Mar 1958 A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Feb 1912 A Shred of Evidence Oct 1984 A Snug Little Kingdom Dec 1912 A Snug Little Kingdom Jan 1914 A Snug Little Kingdom Mar 1930 A Soldier For Christmas Dec 1946 A Song of Twilight Jan 1968 A Squire of the Knight Feb 1922 A Sting in the Tale Mar 2009 A Stranger in the Tea Oct 1974 A Terrible Tinker Jan 1898 A Terrible Tinker Dec 1901 A Terrible Tinker Nov 1910 A Tomb with a View Nov 1980 A Tomb with a View May 2001 A Wonderful Woman May 1922 Absent Friends Mar 2003 Absurd Person Singular Oct 2011 Advice Gratis Dec 1900 Advice Gratis May 1908 Advice Gratis May 1927 After My Fashion Dec 1953 Albert Nobbs Jan 2011 Alice In Wonderland (World Premiere) Dec 2002
All in a Fog Feb 1901 All in the Family May 1963 All That Glitters is not Gold Oct 1901 All That Glitters is not Gold Dec 1907 All That Glitters is not Gold Jan 1910 All Things Bright and Beautiful Dec 1965 “An Amusing Play” Jan 1929 An Inspector Calls Mar 1994 An Inspector Calls Jan 2009 And A Nightingale Sang Oct 2007 And Then There Were None Nov 2011 Anyone for Breakfast May 2008 Arabian Nights Dec 1898 Arches (World Premiere) Jan 1995 Are You a Mason? Oct 1923 Arsenic and Old Lace Jan 2003 Asylum Dec 1992 Barefoot in the Park Oct 1968 Before Breakfast Apr 1913 Being of Sound Mind May 1982 Bella Oct 1986 Billy Liar May 2006 Birthday Honours Jan 1956 Black Chiffon Mar 1952 Blithe Spirit Feb 1945 Blithe Spirit May 2009 Boots at the Swan Nov 1898 Boots at the Swan Jan 1904 Boots at the Swan Dec 1914 Born in the Gardens Mar 1984 Box and Cox Jan 1915 Break for Commericals Oct 1966 Breath of Spring Mar 1960 Bright Shadow May 1957 Bubbles Feb 1900 Bubbles May 1904 Bubbles Jan 1922 Burning Gold Feb 1947 Busybody Oct 1973 Caste Oct 1910 Caste Jan 1912 Caste Feb 1923 Castle in the Air Oct 1954 Charley’s Aunt May 2007 Children of the Wolf Jan 1980
Children of the Wolf Jan 1997 Circle in the Ring Dec 1978 Claudia May 1946 Come Back Little Sheba Jan 1965 Come Blow Your Horn Oct 1965 Come Blow Your Horn May 2010 Comfort & Joy Dec 2006 Daisy Pulls it Off Oct 1955 Dangerous Silence Mar 1974 Dark Summer Jan 1959 Daughter of the Left Hand Dec 1972 Daughter of the Left Hand May 1988 Dead Guilty Jan 2007 Deadlock Dec 1993 Dear Charles Mar 1964 Dear Evelyn Dec 1952 Dearest Mama May 1903 Dearest Mamma Apr 1908 Death and All That Jazz Jan 1964 Deathtrap Jan 2005 Design for Murder Oct 1970 Devil May Care Jan 1975 Devil May Care Mar 1988 Dial M for Murder Jan 2019 Diamond Cut Diamond Jan 1907 Dickins Discovered Nov 1986 Do Not Disturb Oct 1985 Don’t Dress for Dinner May 2011 Done on Both Sides Jan 1922 Don't Listen Ladies Apr 1955 Don't Listen Ladies Nov 1955 Don't Listen Ladies Nov 1962 Don't Listen Ladies Oct 1991 Don't Listen Ladies May 2000 Double Cut Oct 2000 Down Came a Blackbird Nov 1955 Dragons Mouth Mar 1958 Dream Faces Mar 1913 Duet For Two Hands Apr 1948
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