Plays Produced 1977 to 2000
Princess Ascending (World Premiere) Jan 1977 Opal's Husband Mar 1977 Macbeth Did It May 1977 Murder Deferred Oct 1977 The Bastard Country Nov 1977 Till Time Shall End Jan  1978 Rashamon Mar 1978 Two and Two Make Sex Apr 1978 His, Hers and Theirs Oct 1978 Circle in the Ring Dec 1978 Faithfully Yours...? Jan 1979 A Majority of One Mar 1979 Fannikin May 1979 The Murder Game Oct 1979 The Rose Tattoo Dec 1979 Children of the Wolf Jan 1980 Spring and Port Wine Mar 1980 The Fiesta of the Maguey May 1980 Roman Conquest Oct 1980 A Tomb with a View Nov 1980 Who Says Murder Jan 1981 The Wind of Heaven Mar 1981 The Cure for Love May 1981 Lady Charing is Cross Oct 1981 The Lights are Warm and Coloured Nov 1981 Stevie Jan 1982 The Druids Rest Mar 1982 Being of Sound Mind May 1982 Filumenia Oct 1983 The Restless Evil Dec 1983 The Last of the Red Hot Lovers Jan 1984 Born in the Gardens Mar 1984 When We Are Married Apr 1984 A Shred of Evidence Oct 1984 The Dresser Dec 1984 Farndale Ave Housing Est Murder Mystery Mar 1985 Saturday Night at the Crown Apr 1985 Do Not Disturb Oct 1985
84 Charing Cross Road Nov 1985 Waiting in the Wings Jan 1986 The Corn is Green Mar 1986 The Ghost Train Apr 1986 Bella Oct 1986 Dickins Discovered Nov 1986 The Enquiry Jan 1987 Fools Paradise Mar 1987 No Time for Fig-Leaves May 1987 The Understanding Oct 1987 The Turn of the Screw Nov 1987 Trap for a  Lonely Man Jan 1988 Devil May Care Mar 1988 Daughter of the Left Hand May 1988 Silver Wedding Oct 1988 Two Faces of Murder Dec 1988 We Must Kill Toni Jan 1989 The House of Bernarda Alba Mar 1989 Let Him Sleep til it's Time for His Funeral Apr 1989 Hooddunnit Oct 1989 The Iron Voice Dec 1989 Spirit Jan 1990 Fingers Mar 1990 Farewell, Farewell Eugene May 1990 Not Even a Mouse Oct 1990 The Late Mrs Early Dec 1990 Everybody Loves Opal Jan 1991 Underground Mar 1991 Meet Me By Moonlight May 1991 Don't Listen Ladies Oct 1991 Madam Tic-Tac Dec 1991 The Curious Savage Jan 1992 Séance at Moonrise Mar 1992 On Monday Next May 1992 Princess Ascending Oct 1992 Asylum Dec 1992 The Sleeping Princess Jan 1993 It Must Have Been Murder Mar 1993
Veronica's Room May 1993 Key for Two Oct 1993 Deadlock Dec 1993 The Sisterhood Jan 1994 An Inspector Calls Mar 1994 The Crucible Apr 1994 The Haunting of Hill House May 1994 Strictly for the Birds Oct 1994 The Sun in Splendour Dec 1994 Arches (World Premiere) Jan 1995 When We Are Married Mar 1995 The Imaginary Invalid May 1995 Daisy Pulls it Off Oct 1955 Therese Raquin Nov 1995 Zugzwang Trilogy (World Premiere) Jan 1996 Hobson's Choice Mar 1996 The Business of Murder May 1996 Inside Job Oct 1996 Waiting in the Wings Dec 1996 Children of the Wolf Jan 1997 Lettice and Lovage Mar 1997 The Little Foxes May 1997 The Small Hours Oct 1997 The Chalk Garden Dec 1997 Opal's Husband Jan 1998 Warrior Mar 1998 The Cemetery Club May 1998 Ladies in Retirement Oct 1998 To Meet Oscar Wilde Dec 1998 My Three Angels Jan 1999 The Turn of the Screw Mar 1999 See How They Run May 1999 Murdered to Death Oct 1999 Lo and Behold Dec 1999 Saturday Night at the Crown Jan 2000 Woman in Mind Mar 2000 Don't Listen Ladies May 2000 Double Cut Oct 2000 Treasure Island Dec 2000
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