The Three Hats Jan 1921 The Brixton Burglary Apr 1921 Peggy Green Apr 1921 Jane Oct 1921 What Would a Gentleman Do Nov 1921 Jane Dec 1921 Bubbles Jan 1922 Done on Both Sides Jan 1922 A Squire of the Knight Feb 1922 The Sea Flower Apr 1922 A Wonderful Woman May 1922 The Showman's Daughter Oct 1922 Retiring Dec 1922 A Pair of Spectacles Jan 1923 Caste Feb 1923 The Matchmaker May 1923 The Loan of a Lover May 1923 My Turn Next May 1923 Are You a Mason? Oct 1923 Meg's Diversion Feb 1924 Withered Leaves May 1924 Written in Sand May 1924 She Stoops to Conquer Oct 1924 The Private Secretary Jan 1925 Oh! Susannah! Feb 1925 Old Knuckles May 1925 The Rivals Oct 1925 The Fortunes of Fan Feb 1926 Leave it to Me May 1926 Inside the Lines Nov 1926 “A Delightful Comedy” Jan 1927 Advice Gratis May 1927 Tilly of Bloomsbury Oct 1927 “A Comedy” Jan 1928 Nothing but the Truth Feb 1928 “A Performance” May 1928 Eliza Comes to Stay Nov 1928 “An Amusing Play” Jan 1929 “A One Act Play” May 1929 The Creaking Chair Oct 1929
“Farcical Comedy” Jan 1930 A Snug Little Kingdom Mar 1930 Murder on the Second Floor Nov 1930 “A Humourous Sketch” Jan 1931 The Unknown Quantity Feb 1931 The Bishop's Candlesticks May 1931 What Might Happen Jan 1932 The Earl's Experiment May 1932 “Farcical Comedy” Jan 1933 The Devil a Saint May 1933 The Creaking Chair Dec 1933 “Mystery Play” Jan 1934 Eldorado May 1934 Rookery Nook Nov 1934 “A Farce” Jan 1935 Sad About Europe May 1935 Wurzle Flummery May 1935 For the Love of Mike Dec 1935 Heaven on Earth May 1936 The House with the Twisted Windows May 1936 The Rotters Jan 1937 Others World Radio May 1937 Trying it On May 1937 The Brompton Crescent Mystery Jan 1938 The Stick Man Jan 1938 Others World Radio Feb 1938 Kippers and Caviar May 1938 The Yellow Scarf Oct 1938 Once Bitten Twice Shy Jan 1939 Once a Gentleman Apr 1939 “Three One Act Plays” May 1939 The Rotters Feb 1940 The Donovan Affair May 1940 Quiet Wedding Dec 1944 Quiet Wedding Dec 1944 Blithe Spirit Feb 1945 Jane Steps Out May 1945 The Two Mrs Carrols Oct 1945 Flare Path Nov 1945 Just Married Jan 1946
Night of January 16th Mar 1946 Claudia May 1946 Yes & No May 1946 Murder Out of Tune Oct 1946 I Have Been Here Before Nov 1946 A Soldier For Christmas Dec 1946 Burning Gold Feb 1947 Hayfever Sep 1947 Duet For Two Hands Apr 1948 Old Acquaintance Apr 1948 Suspect May 1948 Miranda Oct 1948 They Came to a City Nov 1948 The Blue Goose Feb 1949 Wasn't It Odd? Oct 1949 Mixed Grill Banquo's Chair Dec 1949 Mixed Grill Thirty Minutes in a Street Dec 1949 Ten Lttle Niggers Feb 1950 See How They Run Apr 1950 Mate in Three Oct 1950 The Return of Peggy Atherton Dec 1950 On Monday Next Feb 1951 Heaven and Charing Cross Apr 1951 Night Was Our Friend Oct 1951 Murder at the Vicarage Nov 1951 Queen Elizabeth Slept Here Jan 1952 Black Chiffon Mar 1952 The Lilies of the Field Apr 1952 Young Wives Tale Oct 1952 Dear Evelyn Dec 1952 They Fly by Twilight Jan 1953 The Veil Mar 1953 Nothing But The Truth Apr 1953 Waggonload of Monkeys Oct 1953 A Horse! A Horse! Dec 1953 After My Fashion Dec 1953
Plays Produced 1921 to 1953
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