My Turn Next Feb 1896 Poor Pillicoldy Feb 1897 Meg's Dissention Nov 1897 A Terrible Tinker Jan 1898 Found in a Four Wheeler Oct 1898 Night on Snowdon Oct 1898 Boots at the Swan Nov 1898 Turn Him Out Nov 1898 Arabian Nights Dec 1898 The Lottery Ticket Jan 1899 The Mummy Jan 1899 The Widow's Victim Jan 1899 He Likes the Truth May 1899 A Rough Diamond Jan 1900 Bubbles Feb 1900 My Neighbour's Wife Feb 1900 My Turn Next May 1900 The Serious Family Oct 1900 A Bad Penny Dec 1900 Advice Gratis Dec 1900 All in a Fog Feb 1901 Harvest Storm Feb 1901 The Lottery Ticket May 1901 All That Glitters is not Gold Oct 1901 A Terrible Tinker Dec 1901 The Clock on the Stairs Dec 1901 Shocking Events Jan 1902 The Village Outcast Jan 1902 The Spitalfields Weaver May 1902 Naval Engagement Oct 1902 The Journey's End Oct 1902 The Tevins Jan 1903 Still Waters Run Deep Feb 1903 Dearest Mama May 1903 Meg's Diversion Oct 1903 Time and the Hour Dec 1903 Boots at the Swan Jan 1904 The Harvest Home Feb 1904 Still Waters Run Deep Apr 1904 Bubbles May 1904 The Village Outcast Oct 1904
The Loan of a Lover Nov 1905 The Chimney Corner Jan 1905 The Thimble Rig Jan 1905 The Lamplighter Jan 1905 Won at Last Mar 1905 Harvest Storm May 1905 A Kiss in the Dark Nov 1905 Hunting the Turtle Jan 1906 My Friend Janet Feb 1906 The Man with the Carpet Bag Feb 1906 Written in the Sand May 1906 Uncle Zachary Nov 1906 Why Did You Die Jan 1907 Diamond Cut Diamond Jan 1907 Sunset May 1907 That Brute Simmonds Oct 1907 Lady Audley's Secret Oct 1907 The Lancers Nov 1907 All That Glitters is not Gold Dec 1907 The Irish Waiter Jan 1908 Dearest Mamma Apr 1908 State Secrets Apr 1908 Advice Gratis May 1908 The Jacobite Oct 1908 Waterloo Oct 1908 London Assurance Dec 1908 Peggy Green Jan 1909 The Two Swindlers Jan 1909 The Parole of Honour Jan 1909 Paul Pry Apr 1909 The Bengal Tiger May 1909 The Ticket of Leave Man Oct 1909 The Adventures of a Love Letter Dec 1909 All That Glitters is not Gold Jan 1910 The New Footman Jan 1910 The Quaker and his Daughters May 1910 Caste Oct 1910 A Terrible Tinker Nov 1910 Romance and Reality Nov 1910 Hunting the Turtle Jan 1911 Ours Jan 1911
The Baiting of Malvolio May 1911 My Turn Next Oct 1911 Old Honesty Oct 1911 Married for Money Dec 1911 The Harvest Storm Dec 1914 Caste Jan 1912 A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Feb 1912 Withered Leaves Feb 1912 The Bugle Call May 1912 Helping Hands Oct 1912 A Snug Little Kingdom Dec 1912 Not Such a Fool as He Looks Jan 1913 That Brute Simmonds Jan 1913 The Tallyman Jan 1913 Dream Faces Mar 1913 The Matchmaker Mar 1913 Before Breakfast Apr 1913 The Cheerful Knave Oct 1913 Still Waters Run Deep Dec 1913 A Snug Little Kingdom Jan 1914 Peck's Bad Boy Jan 1914 Peck's Bad Boy Feb 1914 The Upstroke May 1914 Boots at the Swan Dec 1914 Box and Cox Jan 1915 Found in a Four Wheeler Jan 1915 Makeshifts Jan 1915 My Lady Help Jan 1915 Fish out of Water May 1919 What Would a Gentleman Do Nov 1919 The New Footman Nov 1919 Leave it to Me Jan 1920 The Lottery Ticket Jan 1920 Fortunes of Fan Apr 1920 The Quad Wrangle May 1920 Facing the Music Oct 1920 Facing the Music Nov 1920
Plays Produced 1896 to 1920
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