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May 1934

Eliza Comes to Stay

Nov 1928

Entertaining Angels

Jan 2014.

Epitaph for George Dillon

Apr 1960

Every Other Evening

Dec 1971

Everybody Loves Opal

Jan 1976

Everybody Loves Opal

Jan 1991

Facing the Music

Oct 1920

Facing the Music

Nov 1920

Faithfully Yours

Jan 1958

Faithfully Yours...?

Jan 1979


May 1979

“Farcical Comedy”

Jan 1930

“Farcical Comedy”

Jan 1933

Farewell, Farewell Eugene

Apr 1975

Farewell, Farewell Eugene

May 1990

Farndale Ave Housing Est Murder Mystery

Mar 1985


Oct 1983


Mar 1990

Fish out of Water

May 1919

Flare Path

Nov 1945

Fools Paradise

Mar 1970

Fools Paradise

Mar 1987

For the Love of Mike

Dec 1935

Fortunes of Fan

Apr 1920

Found in a Four Wheeler

Oct 1898

Found in a Four Wheeler

Jan 1915

Fresh Fields

Jan 1967

Funny Money

Mar 2006


Nov 2012

Gates of Gold

Jan 2018


Apr 1958

Harvest Storm

Feb 1901

Harvest Storm

May 1905


May 2005


Sep 1947


Sep 2017

He Likes the Truth

May 1899

Heaven and Charing Cross

Apr 1951

Heaven on Earth

May 1936

Helping Hands

Oct 1912


Oct 2008

His, Hers and Theirs

Oct 1978

Hobson's Choice

Mar 1996


Oct 1989

Horses in Midstream

Oct 1963

Horses in Midstream

Jan 2013

How the Other Half Loves

Sep 2017.

Humble Boy

Mar 2013

Hunting the Turtle

Jan 1906

Hunting the Turtle

Jan 1911

I Have Been Here Before

Nov 1946

Indoor Fireworks

Apr 1954

Inside Job

Oct 1996

Inside the Lines

Nov 1926

Insp.Drake and the Perfekt Crime

Oct 2002

Intent to Murder

Mar 1954

Isle of Umbrellas

Feb 1955

It Must Have Been Murder

Mar 1993


Oct 1921


Dec 1921

Jane Steps Out

May 1945

Just Married

Jan 1946

Justice is a Woman

Apr 1968

Key for Two

Oct 1993


Mar 2015.

Kindly Keep it Covered

Sep 2012

Kippers and Caviar

May 1938

Ladies in Lavender

May 2018

Ladies in Retirement

Mar 1955

Ladies in Retirement

Oct 1998

Lady Audley's Secret

Oct 1907

Lady Charing is Cross

Oct 1981

Lady Windermere's Fan

Apr 1969

Late Love

Dec 1961

Leave it to Me

Jan 1920

Leave it to Me

May 1926

Let Him Sleep til it's Time for His Funeral

Apr 1989

Lettice and Lovage

Mar 1997

Life and Beth

Nov 2013

Lo and Behold

Oct 1956

Lo and Behold

Apr 1974

Lo and Behold

Dec 1999

London Assurance

Dec 1908

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

May 2003

Love on the Never Never

Nov 1957

Macbeth Did It

May 1977

Madame Tic-Tac

Dec 1991

Madame Tic-Tac

Mar 1962

Make Me a Widow

Oct 1972


Jan 1915

Married for Money

Dec 1911

Mary Mary

Jan 1966

Mate in Three

Oct 1950

Meet Me by Moonlight

Dec 1970

Meet Me By Moonlight

May 1991

Meg's Dissention

Nov 1897

Meg's Diversion

Oct 1903

Meg's Diversion

Feb 1924


Oct 1948

Mixed Grill Banquo's Chair

Dec 1949

Mixed Grill Thirty Minutes in a Street

Dec 1949

Move Over Mrs Markham

Jan 2002

Mr Scrooge (World Premiere)

Nov 2003

Mr Wonderful

Jan 2008

Murder at the Vicarage

Nov 1951

Murder Deferred

Oct 1977

Murder Mistaken

Dec 1954

Murder On Arrival

Oct 1960

Murder on the Second Floor

Nov 1930

Murder Out of Tune

Oct 1946

Murdered to Death

Oct 1999

Murderous Intent (World Premiere)

Oct 2005

My Friend Janet

Feb 1906

My Lady Help

Jan 1915

My Neighbour's Wife

Feb 1900

My Own My Native Land
      (World Premiere)

Dec 1974

My Three Angels

Jan 1999

My Turn Next

Feb 1896

My Turn Next

May 1900

My Turn Next

Oct 1911

My Turn Next

May 1923

“Mystery Play”

Jan 1934