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Hale One Act Festival Rules


The aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity for all invited groups to further develop their drama skills and experience within a competitive setting.


No member of the team shall be paid.


Competing societies must obtain the necessary licence to perform prior to the Festival and the licence must be produced prior to the performance.


The play can be a complete work, an extract or a scene. Plays entered in the Festival must have a minimum cast of two speaking parts and must exceed 20 minutes but not exceed 50 minutes performance time (including any short intervals or blackouts to denote the passage of time). A period of 10 minutes will be allowed for the setting of the stage and 5 minutes for striking the set.


The plays will be presented in a curtain set. Any special unit essential to a play must be provided by the competing society, by arrangement with and with the approval of the Festival Stage Director. Stage props should be kept to a minimum because of backstage storage space. The attention of Societies is drawn to the necessity for FIRE-PROOFING all materials used on the stage and this must comply with the requirements of the local Fire Authority.


Smoking on the stage is strictly forbidden (except as part of the play - in which case prior arrangement with the stage manager is required.). Smoking is also forbidden backstage, in the wings and dressing rooms, and any other area of the theatre.


Each competing society will provide a stage manager who will co-operate with the Festival Stage Director. Each society must arrange their own porterage before and after the Festival by arrangement with the Festival and Theatre stage directors.


A meeting for Societies’ Stage Managers to meet the Festival and Theatre Stage Directors will be held at the theatre prior to the Festival (for date see entry form). Attendance is essential to ensure that staging requirements are known and agreed in advance of the Festival.


Competing societies shall provide their own simple sound effects and lighting-plot, the details of which must be available at the Stage Manager’s Meeting. These will be provided at the discretion of the lighting and sound director of Altrincham Little Theatre.


Official entry forms must be returned to the Festival Secretary as soon as possible and not later than the date shown on the form.


A copy of the play entered must accompany the official entry forms. Altrincham Little Theatre reserves the right to refuse any entries considered unsuitable for the Festival. Photocopied scripts will only be accepted when accompanied by a letter of authority from the publisher, agent or author.


Competing societies will pay an entrance fee of £20 for adult productions and £15 for youth entries, to be remitted to the Festival Secretary with the return of the official entry forms. In return adult entries will receive tickets to the entry value for their respective playing night.


Competing societies should be represented on the final night.


Standard public liability insurance will be in place for the duration of the event. Any additional insurance cover considered necessary by participating groups will be their own responsibility.


Altrincham Little Theatre will not accept responsibility or liability for loss or damage of or to personal belongings or props.

Any breach of the rules may disqualify the society concerned.