Gates of Gold

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By Frank McGuinness

PRODUCTION DATES: Sunday 21st January to Saturday 27th January 2018

DIRECTOR: Peter Nawn

AUDITION DATE: Tues May 2nd 2017 at 7.30pm


Written by acclaimed Irish author Frank McGuinness, Gates of Gold is an acerbic duel between two lovers, the fashionable and eloquent theatrical trailblazers who founded Dublin's Gate Theatre. Gates of Gold is witty and moving — a vibrant celebration of art, love, and finally, life itself. The play is set in the Southern Irish home of thespians, Gabriel and Conrad, based on actor, designer and playwright Micheál Mac Liammóir and his partner, director Hilton Edwards, co-founders of Dublin's Gate Theatre. Gabriel is close to death and the play addresses his life, more as memoirs than biography.

The couple had lived an openly gay life when it was illegal to do so and are still utterly devoted, despite a mutual history of misadventures with taxi drivers.

Into their lives come three strange outsiders. Nose-ringed nurse, has her own problems that sometimes seem to dwarf those of her patient, but comes to love him. The other pair, his sister and her son, are the kind of relations that no one needs in times of stress: selfish, greedy and in need of love, even at the expense of the suffering.


Gabriel, 60s

Conrad, 60s

Kassandra, 50 to 60

Alma, 20 to 30

Ryan, 20ish