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Intent to Murder

Mar 1954

Indoor Fireworks

Apr 1954

Castle in the Air

Oct 1954

Murder Mistaken

Dec 1954

Isle of Umbrellas

Feb 1955

Ladies in Retirement

Mar 1955

Don't Listen Ladies

Apr 1955

The Man

Oct 1955

Don't Listen Ladies

Nov 1955

Down Came a Blackbird

Nov 1955

Birthday Honours

Jan 1956

Women of Twilight

Mar 1956

The Noble Spaniard

May 1956

Lo and Behold

Oct 1956

The Secret Tent

Nov 1956

No Escape

Jan 1957

The Curious Savage

Mar 1957

Bright Shadow

May 1957

Tell-Tale Murder

Oct 1957

Love on the Never Never

Nov 1957

Faithfully Yours

Jan 1958

A Sacred Flame

Mar 1958

Dragons Mouth

Mar 1958


Apr 1958

Trial and Error

Oct 1958

The Willow and I

Nov 1958

Dark Summer

Jan 1959

The Happy Marriage

Mar 1959

The Marquise

Apr 1959

The Chalk Garden

Oct 1959

The Wooden Dish

Nov 1959

Time to Speak

Jan 1960

Breath of Spring

Mar 1960

Epitaph for George Dillon

Apr 1960

Murder On Arrival

Oct 1960

The Shifting Heart

Nov 1960

Third Person

Jan 1961

Traveller Without Luggage

Mar 1961

Saturday Night at the Crown

Apr 1961

The Whole Truth

Oct 1961

Late Love

Dec 1961

The Long Sunset

Jan 1962

Madame Tic-Tac

Mar 1962

Strike Happy

May 1962

Don't Listen Ladies

Nov 1962

Time to Kill

Jan 1963

Silver Wedding

Feb 1963

So Many Children

Mar 1963

All in the Family

May 1963

Horses in Midsream

Oct 1963

The Outcastes

Dec 1963

Death and All That Jazz

Jan 1964

Dear Charles

Mar 1964

Saturday Night at the Crown

Apr 1964

The Sound of Murder

Oct 1964

The New Will

Dec 1964

Come Back Little Sheba

Jan 1965

The Edwardians

Mar 1965

Portrait of a Murder

May 1965

Come Blow Your Horn

Oct 1965

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Dec 1965

Mary Mary

Jan 1966

The Little Foxes

Mar 1966

The Secret Tent

May 1966

Break for Commericals

Oct 1966

The House of Jeffreys

Dec 1966

Fresh Fields

Jan 1967

Ten Little Niggers

Mar 1967

The Long Echo

Apr 1967

We Must Kill Toni

Oct 1967

Waiting in the Wings

Dec 1967

A Song of Twilight

Jan 1968

The Peacocks Must Go

Mar 1968

Justice is a Woman

Apr 1968

Barefoot in the Park

Oct 1968

The Autumn Garden

Dec 1968

The Curious Savage

Jan 1969

Someone Waiting

Mar 1969

Lady Windermere's Fan

Apr 1969

Thriller of the Year

Oct 1969

The Seashell

Nov 1969

To Kill a Cat

Jan 1970

Fools Paradise

Mar 1970

A Boston Story

Apr 1970

Design for Murder

Oct 1970

Meet Me by Moonlight

Dec 1970

Relatively Speaking

Jan 1971

A Measure of Cruelty

Mar 1971

Open to Murder

Apr 1971

Out of the Question

Oct 1971

Every Other Evening

Dec 1971

Saturday Night at the Crown

Jan 1972

The Shifting Heart

Mar 1972

A Murder has been Arranged

Apr 1972

Make Me a Widow

Oct 1972

Daughter of the Left Hand

Dec 1972

The More the Merrier

Jan 1973

Two Faces of Murder

Mar 1973

The Bride and the Bachelor

Apr 1973


Oct 1973

The Militants  (World Premiere)

Dec 1973

The Time of the Cuckoo

Jan 1974

Dangerous Silence

Mar 1974

Lo and Behold

Apr 1974

A Stranger in the Tea

Oct 1974

My Own My Native Land  (World Premiere)

Dec 1974

Devil May Care

Jan 1975

The Willow and I

Mar 1975

Farewell, Farewell Eugene

Apr 1975

Plaza Suite

Oct 1975

Toys in the Attic

Nov 1975

Everybody Loves Opal

Jan 1976

Return to Tomorrow

Mar 1976

The Irregular Verb to Love

Apr 1976

Person Unknown

Oct 1976

Six and Sex

Nov 1976